SOCI 325: Sociology of Science

Happy Halloween

  1. Administrative
  2. Poster peer feedback session



  • "Political economy of science and technology"
  • Lecture only — no discussion
  • Guest lecturer: Sarah Badr

Peer eval feedback

  • Tomorrow!

Discussoin question feedback

  • Tomorrow!

Poster peer feedback

A screenshot of a spreadsheet with rows for Contribution, Effort, Quality of Work, Respect, and comments, with a rubric for scoring 1-10 points for each.


  • There is a copy in each group's Teams folder
  • Examples of previous years' posters available in Teams (General channel)

Suggested format

Describe your topic

  • Brief overview of "what happened"

Main point

  • In a few sentences, what is the main thing you’re going to try to ‘say’ with your poster?

Which themes?

  • Tell you group-mates which two themes you are using to link your topic to the course material
  • Discuss the readings (and potential future readings) you will refer to for support of these themes

Share in-progress draft

  • If you have started working on the poster itself, show it to your group-mates(it’s ok to share something very ‘in-progress’)
  • If you haven’t started on the poster, what are your plans?

Ask questions!

  • Talk about your concerns, doubts, confusions, etc! Your group-mates can be a fantastic resource.